Thursday, September 1, 2011

Old School Hack Shenanigans

Well our usually scheduled D&D gaming session was canceled due to a last minute family emergency with our GM. I am told everything is all right now thankfully. The rest of us that were already at our host's house discussed what we should do. Most of us seemed up for just about anything and one of our players (John) actually had a couple of gaming system print offs in his bag and volunteered to run an Old School Hack game for us all.

After a few minutes of gathering paper, creating characters (which were left up to chance with a roll of a dice just to make things interesting) and a brief run down of some rules we were off and running. Our adventure began with our party members (An Elf, Fighter, Goblin and Monk) drinking it up in a tavern. We immediately heard a commotion outside and all but the Elf rushed out the door to see what the trouble was. We quickly got accustomed to the fight mechanics with the use of "awesome points", which I will get to in just a moment. We did use a grid sheet that is almost always on the table but the system uses "arenas" to determine movement and proximity for fighting and shooting. It really didn't take much more than the first fight for us all to start getting the hang of things. Our Fighter (played by Mike) quickly dispatched the zombie dog type creature as I arrived at his side. Further down the alley a well dressed merchant fellow was creeping around and our night watchman feeling Goblin sneaked down that way in the shadows to investigate. The Goblin (played by Marc) was very civil yet authoritative in his attempt to question the merchant as the merchant tried to flee. I on the other hand used my blessed rod of LeeBruce to the head to knock him unconscious. The Elf (played by Matt) was somewhere still near the tavern wondering if he should pay the tab or join the party.

Seriously though this game was a lot of fun. We really got into the "awesome points" just having fun and laughing for about 3 and a half hours last night. I really enjoyed using these points to attempt crazy Kung Fu type moves as well as making way too many innuendos regarding my blessed rod. I was performing somersaults and cart wheels while doing attacks and just having a blast!

Our fellow gamer/blogger/host Mike actually mentioned Old School Hack won an ENnie this year and I had forgotten all about that. You check out Mike's blog (Swords & Dorkery) through the links to the right here where the blogs I follow are located, or by clicking here:

I would also suggest checking out Old School Hack for yourself if you haven't already. You can find their website here:

Lastly, don't forget to check out the list of ENnie winners and nominations list here:

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  1. Sounds like you guys had a blast! I wish I could have witnessed! Keep the blogs coming, Chad.